Transmission Repair In San Juan Capistrano With The Best Technology

Car Repair

There are a few things a car owner should know how to do and one of them is knowing when the transmission needs repair. If this term is new to you, then here is a quick explanation about transmission and how to know if it’s time to repair or replace it.

What is a Transmission?

When it comes to vehicles, the transmission refers to the machine responsible for transferring the right amount of energy to your wheels when you shift gears. It is also in charge of converting the torque needed to match the power you set. It’s similar to the bike’s concept of shifting gears. The transmission there is the chain that surrounds the main gears. So if you shift gears in a bicycle, you’ll notice the chain adjusting to match the power you need.

For cars, there are two kinds of transmissions – manual and automatic. A manual transmission works by temporarily disconnecting the transmission and the engine when you step on the clutch. Stepping on the clutch allows you to change gears and then go back to connecting both engine and transmission. Once the clutch is released, the new gear starts to apply to your drive.

On the other hand, an automatic transmission works without a clutch. This is why people claim that driving an automatic is a lot easier than using a manual or stick shift. An automatic transition works by automatically changing the torque of your gears once your car changes gear. There’s no need for a clutch to disconnect the engine and the transmission and connect them again.

How to Know if the Transmission Needs Repair

There are different kinds of issues that can come up with a damaged transmission. Here are some of the common symptoms:


  • A grinding sound whenever you shift gears
  • There’s fluid that comes out of the car when it is parked
  • Grinding or clunking sounds even when you’re not changing gears
  • The transmission fluid emits a burnt smell
  • Gears shift even without you doing it


However, you don’t have to wait for these symptoms to know when you need to get your transmission checked. In fact, it’s highly recommended to check it whenever your car has ran at least 30,000 miles. For some, it’s when their car reaches 100,000. You can check your car’s manual as to when it’s best to get it checked.

Why You Need a Professional Car Repair

Some people would argue that knowing how to fix your car is an important skill. Although this is true, you shouldn’t always take the matter in your own hands especially if it’s about your safety. Consulting professional Transmission Repair San Juan Capistrano can help check your transmission and give a full assessment of its condition.

One of the most common transmission issues is fluid change. Transmissions need fluid because it helps them to lubricate the different parts of the machine. So if you’re hearing grinding sounds, then it could mean that you’re running out of transmission fluid. Depending on your car, different fluids should be used. If you have your car manual with you, you can always check it to know which product should be poured in. But if you don’t have that anymore, a professional car repair in San Juan Capistrano can guide you. Because of their expertise, you will understand why transmission fluids are important and at the same time have it refilled.

Professionals can also do more complex transmission repairs. For example, they can do a total replacement of your car’s transmissions if it can’t be fixed by simple repairs. This often happens when your car has been in use for a long time and the gears just stop working. For this problem, you can’t do a DIY because it will be too risky if you have the technical expertise on transmissions.

Needless to say, putting your car under professional care will cost you more. But if you want to make sure that your car is working in its best condition, bringing it to a pro with a great reputation will make you feel at ease. You can also look into getting a full assessment of your car so that you know when and why some parts need repairing. At a car repair shop, you will get all these services for a fee.